The Swim.

The swim will take place in one wave with Competitors completing the 1500m swim in a anticlockwise direction. The start will be marked by two buoys in the water. You must not go beyond these buoys until the race has been started. Anyone who does so will be disqualified. If you get into trouble in the water, please follow the instructions in the water rescue leaflet. If this is your first triathlon or if you are a less confident swimmer, stay towards the back of the wave.

The Cycle.

There will be plenty of stewards along the route but note that the cycle will take place mostly on roads open to traffic and will pass through some major junctions, narrow winding roads, and steep hills, so your safety is your own responsibility. In particular please take care when coming down the descent at the back of Spelga Dam there is a tendency to swing onto the outside lane of traffic here, please note that any competitor breaking the white line and crossing to the other lane will automatically be disqualified. This section from the top of the spelga descent to the junction of the sandbank road is a no tribar zone; any infringement of this rule will carry a six minute penalty.

The Run.

The run route takes place on closed roads in the Kilbroney park and is a 3.3km loop course. Runners must complete the loop 3 times at the completition of each loop the runners must runover the mat in the transition area, please obey the marshalls on the run route they are there to help.