Race Day



Race Day

 We are really looking forward to having you join us in Kilbroney Park on Sat 28th July 2018 for Top of Mourne Olympic Triathlon.

Registration and sign in for the race will take place on race day at Race Headquarters in Kilbroney Park. Race Day Schedule as follows:

Address: Kilbroney Park, Shore Road, BT34 3AA
Email: info@newrytriathlon.com

To ensure that everyone has a good race and that you all remain safe please take time to read the following briefing notes.

The race takes place at 12pm on Saturday 28th July starting and finishing at Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, County Down.

Only those pre-registered can take part in the race, there will be no entries accepted to the race on the day.


For insurance purposes All competitors must possess a valid, up to date Triathlon Ireland Membership number or a One Day Licence which can be purchased online at www.triathlonireland.com



Registration and Sign-In

Registration and sign in for the race will take place on race day, July 28th from 9am until 11.00am at Race Headquarters in Kilbroney Park.

To assist with traffic management, on your arrival you can only park in designated race parking zones which will be sign posted. We have a big race this year and parking space is limited.


All competitors must sign in before depositing their gear in transition.

When you sign in you will receive your goody bag, swim hat, race number and timing chip.

The swim will take place in one wave.

Once you have signed in you can make your way to Race Transition. The swim start is approximately 5 mins walk from transition and the race director will make an announcement when it is time for competitors to move to the swim start.

You will be crossing a main road to access your swim start so please take care. There will be marshals there to assist you.

The bike racks will be numbered. Only race competitors will be permitted into the transition area.

There will be a race briefing for all competitors by the Race Referee and the Race Safety Officer/Director at transition at approx 10.45am and it is essential that all competitors attend this briefing.

The Swim.

Wetsuits are compulsory.

The swim will take place in one wave.  

The swim will start in the water and the start position will be marked by two large buoys/canoes. You must not go beyond this position until the race has been started. Anyone who does so will be disqualified.

If you get into trouble in the water, please follow the instructions in the Water Safety Plan which can be accessed on the website.

If this is your first triathlon or if you are a less confident swimmer, stay towards the back of your wave.

On exiting the water you will have to cross the main road and run along the footpath to access transition. There will be marshals and police to help slow traffic, but your safety is ultimately your responsibility so please take care during this short section of the race.

Cycle Route.

There will be plenty of marshals along the route but note that the cycle will take place on roads open to traffic and will pass through some major junctions, narrow winding roads, steep hills and residential areas so your safety is your own responsibility. You are on a public highway and must observe the rules of the road at all times.

In particular please take care when cycling along the main Rostrevor/Kilkeel Road, on the S Bend at Spelga Dam and coming down into Rostrevor Village towards the end of the cycle. This is a very steep hill. There will be a huge amount of traffic in the village & on roads leading to Kilbroney Park so please stay in your own lane.

It is your responsibility to know the race route prior to the race. Marshals are not there to show you the route and if you go off course it is your own responsibility.

Run Route.

The run route comprises 3 loops of a course within the boundaries of Kilbroney Park. You will pick up an armband on each loop of the run. Again, knowing the course is your responsibility. There will be marshals and directional signage on the course.

While totally contained within Kilbroney Park, the run route is a mixture of open and closed roads, walking, running and mountain bike trails that are open to the public, with many families and mountain bikers using them, so take care.

For your comfort, there will be one water station on the run route.

The Finish Line is located close to transition in Kilbroney


Relay teams who do not have at least one TI member will require x1 One Day Licence to take part in the race which covers the whole team for race-day insurance. ODLs must be pre-purchased at www.triathlonireland.com

 Relay Teams will be sharing one timing chip per team.

The Chip must be transferred between team members at each transition. Timing chips must be worn on the ankle. Failure to transfer chip or failure to put it on your ankle will mean you are not timed!!!!!

The team swimmer will wear the chip first. While the swim is taking place, the cycle team member must wait at the assigned cycle space in transition wearing their race number. After the swim, the swimmer must have removed their wetsuit completely before handing over the chip which the cyclist places on their own ankle. (No assistance can be given to remove wetsuit). Only then can the cyclist put on their helmet, fasten it and run with their bike to the end of transition. Bikes cannot be mounted within transition area.

Once the transition area is clear of the team cyclist, the running member can take up position in transition wearing their race number. On returning to transition the cyclist must dismount bike before entering transition and place bike back onto rack, remove their helmet before handing over chip to runner who must place it on their ankle. Runner will do 3 laps of run and return to Finish Line. Team members must clear transition area once their leg of the race is complete.


 NOTE: The prize giving and refreshments after the race are at O’Briens/Synge&Byrne Athletes Marquee situated close to the race finish line.

Post-race refreshments are provided for competitors only. We would ask you to respect this to ensure all competitors, regardless of their finish time have something to eat and drink on crossing the finish line.

Male and Female showers/changing are available at NMDC Public Amenity Centre in the top carpark, five minutes’ walk from the race finish line.

We will get the race times and category winners to you as quickly as possible after the race.

Further information, directions and race maps can be found on our website: www.topofmourne.com

So, it only remains for us to say…enjoy yourselves, race hard but race safely.

See you on Saturday.

Top of The Mourne Event Team